Can I assign a user to multiple departments?

Can I assign a user to multiple departments?

Yes, you can assign any user to multiple departments.

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    • Can I assign departments only to Pro users?

      No, you can assign both Pro as well as Non-pro Users to departments. Non-pro users can also be assigned to departments and can also receive calls. But they don't have access to the MyOperator panel. Only pro users have panel access and mobile app ...
    • Can we set multiple time slots for a user?

      Yes, you can set multiple time slots for the user. There’s an option of “Add new Slab ” available while editing the user information.
    • What are departments?

      Businesses have multiple departments to focus on specific activities, similarly different departments in MyOperator can be used to route calls to different groups of users, as well as measure and compare call volumes, performance of agents within and ...
    • Can I change the department of the added user?

      Yes, you can change the department of added users by edit the existing department. 1. Login to your MyOperator panel and click on “Manage” at the top. 2. In the settings section click on “Departments”. 3. Click on the “Edit” button for the ...
    • Why is there a limitation on the maximum number of departments that can be added at a single level IVR?

      We cannot add more than 9 departments at a single level in an IVR. This is done to: Make it easy for customers to enter their input as all phone keypads consist of only 9 digits. Differentiate between user input and department input. The user input ...