Can I delete logs?

Can I delete logs?

No, you cannot delete logs. However, you can archive the logs.

1. To archive logs, you have to login to the “Logs” section, using the web app.

2. Check the logs you want to archive

3. Click on the “Archive” icon at the top

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    • What is "Logs" section?

      MyOperator offers you a call tracking solution, wherein the received, missed, and connected calls of your team are tracked and shown on your MyOperator Web App. These calls are displayed in the "Logs" section, which is available on the top black ...
    • How do I archive or unarchive logs?

      MyOperator gives you the opportunity to archive or unarchive call logs that are tracked. To:  Archive Logs: 1. Go to "Logs" and select the logs that you want to archive individually. 2. Click on the "Archive Log" button on the top left.  Unarchive ...
    • Can I sync logs to multiple accounts?

      No, you cannot sync the logs to multiple accounts. The account that is being used, you can view / sync logs of that particular account. Every time you switch accounts, you can sync logs of that particular account. For instance, if you have two ...
    • What impact would it create if LOGS services went down?

      You won't be able to search logs on the panel.
    • What do you understand by Logs?

      Click on logs, on the panel. You can search specific logs by entering a service number or user or department in the search field. For example, if we search number-wise, we get the list of calls with these numbers, which will be received calls from ...