Data storage policy

Data storage policy

MyOperator is determined to provide smooth service journey and required analytical management for the customers. For the same MyOperator record and stores multiple data points for each account or transaction (like calls). Though because of the iterative development, it’s hard to mention all the data points being recorded but through this document, we will highlight data points categories with few specifics. This document also mentions data retention policy (DRM) for each category with the following details:

  • Data retention minimum time (MinT): minimum duration for which data is stored on the system
  • Data retention maximum time (MaxT)
  • Early forced deletion (EFD)

Data categories as followed:

  1. Call Detail Record (CDR)
  2. Call Interaction Record (CIR)
  3. Call Recording media (RM)
  4. Panel interaction Records (PIR)
  5. System Transaction Logs (STL)
  6. Customer Account Configurations Data (ACD)
  7. IVR Media Data (IMD)

Call Detail Record (CDR)

CDR consist of all data generated on a call. It may consist of information like:
  • Caller number
  • Dialed number
  • Time of call
  • Duration of call
  • Users connected
  • Result of call etc.

MinT: 1 Yr, MaxT: 5 Yr, EFD: NO

Call Interaction Record (CIR)

CIR consist of other meta-data generated over the call and are generally specific to one account. This consist of information like (but not limited to):
  • Inputs made by callers
  • Department selected
  • Users dialed
  • Call disconnected by
  • Dial status
MinT: 1 Yr, MaxT 5 Yr, EFD: YES

Call Recording media (RM)

RM consist of full audio media file generated for the recording of the call. The audio contains the conversation between caller and user in audio form. This also contains only callers speech in the case of voicemail. The recording start post answer signal from telecom provider only.

MinT: 1 Yr, MaxT: 5 Yr, EFD: NO

Panel interaction Records (PIR)

PIR consist of all data generated during the interactions of users (even admin) over the MyOperator web application or website or Mobile app. This include all changes made in the system or configuration made through the MyOperator web-panel. This contains information like:
  • User data like email, phone, name etc.
  • Departments name and manager information
  • Call flow created
  • API, IPs, Domain name used for integration of any system with MyOperator.
  • Contact and notes information saved on MyOperator.

MinT: 1 Yr, MaxT: 5 Yr, EFD: NO

System Transaction Logs (STL)

STL are generated as a part of regular function of various system components including call engine, API engine, Web server, database servers, scheduled processes, background processes etc. These data are generated directly from user interaction on the system or with the system interaction with other data or system components. This is most varied and elaborated data source and are generally stored in form of logs to analyze system health or required for smooth functioning of data.

MinT: 6 Months, MaxT: 2 Yr, EFD: YES

Customer Account Configurations Data (ACD)

ACD is a combination of system and user-generated configuration data which combinedly acts as of any customer account. These data are used by the system to work as per the business need of a customer.

MinT: 6 Months, MaxT: 1 Yr, EFD: YES

IVR Media Data (IMD)

IMD or often call as IVR media files are audio files used in system to be generally played as part of customer interaction over IVR (Call flow). Though these files are put into the system by customers either through upload feature or generated using TTS. Customers can also request voice artist to get it recorded and uploaded into the system. Though each media uploaded by voice artist can only be accepted into the system by customer’s approval.

MinT: 1 Yr, MaxT: 5 Yr, EFD: NO

PS: MyOperator is a cloud-based multi-tenant system and hence the type of data stored and processes are subjected to change over time without any notification. Though such changes are done keeping in mind not adversely impact any customer.

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