Do I get any referral benefits?

Do I get any referral benefits?

Of course. For every referral of yours who successfully joins MyOperator for Startups, you’ll receive a free one month extension to your on-going MyOperator services.
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    • What are the benefits?

      MyOperator Gold Plan comes with multiple cost and service benefits for businesses: Cost Benefits: Zero rental and hence you save on your rental for lifetime You save on rental, hence saving on tax on the rentals too If you terminate your service ...
    • What is Webcall, and what are its benefits?

      Webcall is a feature in MyOperator where client calls are handled over the internet on a desktop/laptop rather than a mobile phone. Benefits include flexibility for agents to handle calls from anywhere, improved call quality with high-speed internet, ...
    • Let’s get started with MyOperator

      Hello! Welcome to MyOperator. We congratulate you for the successful creation of your MyOperator Account. MyOperator helps you in end-to-end call management. It is an initiative to maintain an effective communication network with your existing ...
    • How can an NGO get access to MyOperator free Helpline?

      To get access to MyOperator Free Helpline number, all you need to do is register by entering your details in the sign up box here.
    • What kind of email I will get after subscribing MyOperator?

      You will get all mails regarding the information of your account (low balance, suspension of account, account usage etc.) along with the promotional emails. Note: check the following links to know your mails. ...