Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy ("FUP") defines the fair and responsible usage of MyOperator service. MyOperator wants all of our customers to get the best plans at the lowest possible price. This Fair Usage Policy is designed to prevent fraudulent and abusive use of MyOperator service by a small number of customers. FUP is applicable to all MyOperator customers irrespective of the plan and features. MyOperator may choose to charge, halt, ignore or terminate the service of individual customer based on usage and charge and potential of customer if found violating FUP. In determining whether the usage made in any particular case is fair, MyOperator will use the following factors:

  1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of an unethical, drugs, abuse, financial frauds and any other illegal activity.
  2. The use of the service against MyOperator in any manner, directly or indirectly, which include reverse engineering, trade secret revealing and also design and feature copying by any other company or individual.
  3. The use of the service aiming or causing damage to service or impact smooth running of service by either generating unnecessarily access of requests.

There are few strict limitations defined based on the usage trends of initial set of regular customers. Though these limitations will be reviewed time to time to understand change required.

  1. MyOperator allows web access to its customer to access its data, reports or manage service online. MyOperator limits up to 1,000 web page requests per account login per day under fair usage policy.what about the Line and Extension in case of unlimited plan.
  2. MyOperator allows API access to allow other applications to access specific MyOperator data. MyOperator API allows up to 500 API requests per day, 100 API requests per hour, 20 API requests per minute, per account, under fair usage policy.
  3. MyOperator allows users to upload/download various media files from service. MyOperator limits upload/download to 1,000 files per account per day.
  4. For all per day fair usage policy item defined above not more than 20% of the defined usage limit can be made in one single hour and not more than 20% of the defined usage can be made in a single minute.
  5. For MyOperator customers, unlimited users and/or departments are limited to two digit extensions, with a maximum limit for both users and departments is restricted to 50.
  6. MyOperator also supports its client by offering professional recording for IVRs for the first time. Additionally clients will need to pay for the recording as per the charges for artist. Rest, clients can do any number of changes of their own.

MyOperator keeps all the right to alter fair usage policy depending upon usage pattern and will update this on the website. The fair usage policy should be only interpreted with MyOperator but is not restricted to above clauses.
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