How can I use MyOperator chrome extension?

How can I use MyOperator chrome extension?

In order to use the chrome extension, you need to login first. Youcan also go through the setting section for further settings of the chrome extension.

Follow the steps here:

1. Click on the shortcut of MyOperator extension and click on login

2. A new tab will open and you need to login first.

3. After a successful login the tab will close and you can use your extension now with all enabled notification

4. You can enter your customer number directly from here and click on "Call". It will enable Click o call or web call whatever is enabled in your subscription plan.

5. It will initiate a call and gives you the call confirmation

6. After installing the extension a plugin will automatically shown if the exxtension found any phone number

7. Click on the plugin and the call will initiate automatically. A popup will appear and gives you the information

8. Click on setting logo to setup the extension

9.  Check the options where you can setup your extension as per your use

You can set the follwing to use the extension:
  1. Pause plugin: You can enable/disable the plugin
  2. Pause for domain: You can enable/disable the plugin for any domain
  3. Pause for this URL: You can enable/disable the plugin for any URL
  4. Default country code of caller: You set the default country code for plugin dialing
  5. Call cancellation period: You can set the cancellation period here so if you click any number wrongly you have to cancel it.
  6. Live call notification: You can enable/disable the live call notification
  7. CRM link to view customer details: Enter the URL of your CRM to view the custome number in your CRM (provide the phone number and country code in said format) 
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