How can I use MyOperator Mobile App?

How can I use MyOperator Mobile App?

Welcome to MyOperator Mobile App.

This application comes under the MyOperator Free Forever Plan, wherein you can use Business Call Tracking System for free. 

MyOperator Mobile App is your on-the-go system of tracking business calls and thus creates a database of all the connected and missed calls of your business, providing you with detailed call analytics.

To start with the mobile app, create an account using your mobile number and company name. Add users either using the web app or mobile app

Note: Make sure the users you add have the mobile app installed on their phones

Once you have added users, you’ll be able to view the overall call traffic for the last 12 hours, user-wise and department-wise call details.

You can also filter the call logs, using the filter icon. You can use the filtered logs to create the filtered logs.

Also, there is an option to follow up with the missed calls by setting reminders.

There are some other additional features such as blocking / unblocking callers and also creating and saving notes for future reference.

Now you know how to track your calls? Great! You’re good to go.
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