How do I assign 'Permissions' to my 'Users'?

How do I assign 'Permissions' to my 'Users'?

To assign permissions to the added users on your MyOperator Account,
  1. Go to “Permission” in the “Functionality” section of 'Manage'.
  2. You can set permissions for different roles you assign to your users. These roles are Administrator, Manager, or call agent.
  3. Now click on any one of the listed attributes on the left. Let’s assign permissions for ‘Logs’ first. As you can see there are checkboxes for viewing logs here.
  4. Check the boxes for permitting to 'view' logs or 'add/edit' for different types of users like so and click on ‘Update’.
Similarly, you can set permissions for other attributes.

In case you think you want to go ahead with default permissions for the users, click on blue colored “Reset to default” button on the top-right.
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