How do I integrate Facebook Ad Manager account with MyOperator?

How do I integrate Facebook Ad Manager account with MyOperator?

Before integrating MyOperator with Facebook Ad Manager:

1. Ensure that your Facebook "Business manager account" is approved:

2. Your business page for which you intend to run adds is added/registered under your "Business manager account":

To integrate the account-

1. Login to your MyOperator account and click on "Remarketing" from top


2. Go to the “Facebook Integration” tab 

3. In the Facebook integration section click on the button "Connect with Facebook"

4. A Facebook login window will open

5. After login, complete the facebook formalities

6. Here all ad accounts associated with your Facebook profile will display in a drop-down list 

7. Select the desired Ad account

8. If you have not accepted the Facebook policy yet, then login will be unsuccessful so click on Policy 1 & Policy 2 hyperlinks

9. A window of each policy will appear, accept both policies

10. Logout from MyOperator and login again and repeat all process mentioned above again. Now MyOperator will integrate with Facebook. All subscribers of your MyOperator account will be now treated as a custom audience segment on Facebook.

11. Login through same Facebook account and click on "Create ads"

12. Select the purpose of marketing

13. At the end click on "Set up ad account"

14. Select the account details and click on "Continue"

15. MyOperator subscriber will display in custom audience section