How do I track the Call Logs and SMSes?

How do I track the Call Logs and SMSes?

If you are a Super Admin, your call logs and smes received on your mobile would automatically be synced, once you download the app. To track your team’s calls, you’ll have to add users (Note: Added Users should have the mobile app installed on their phones).

Also, the tracking of the calls and smses depends on what settings you choose to sync. To track both the data,

1. Go to “Settings”

2. Check the "SMS" or "Calls" or both to sync

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      The SMSes that you receive on your Virtual number gets displayed on the Logs page within 1 minute. MyOperator is an initiative towards making call management easy for small and medium sized organizations. It understands how management of phone calls ...
    • Can I receive SMSes on my Toll free number?

      You cannot receive SMSes directly on your Toll free number. To receive the SMS details, you need to publish a different number that has a GSM sim. We will then sync the messages that you receive on this number to the “Logs” page of your MyOperator ...
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      MyOperator offers you default filters as follows:  Connected: Incoming calls that you receive on your business phone. Missed: Calls that were missed by you or your team SMS: SMSes that were sent or received on your MyOperator number. To view the ...
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      You can easily track SMSes on MyOperator Mobile App.  1. Go to “Logs” section and click on the “Filters” icon on the top-right corner. 2. Click on “SMS” to view the tracked SMSes.