How does an IVR benefit me?

How does an IVR benefit me?

The following are the benefits of an IVR:
  1. It helps extend the reach of your business 24*7 thereby enhancing customer experience.
  2. It connects callers to right departments or agents.
  3. It gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate agent.
  4. It adds a professional image to your business which in turn increases your brand value.
  5. If you are a small company, using an IVR can make your company appear larger than what it really is. For example, when the customer presses 1 for sales or 2 for support, he/she does not know that the call is actually directed to the same person whether option 1 or 2 is chosen.

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      A multi-level IVR is one wherein your IVR has several levels. For example, if your IVR has three departments : HR, sales and support then, your IVR is a Multi-level IVR with 3 levels.
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      You cannot delete your entire call flow but draft IVR can be deleted. You can remove a particular call flow route in Advance call flow design, through call flow setup. In a Simple call flow design you can disable the after office hours and non ...
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      According to the requirements of the customers and businesses, MyOperator lets you create your own IVRs depending on your usability. You can create the following types of IVRs with MyOperator: Default IVR: This is an IVR which is usually played when ...
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