How MyOperator works

How does MyOperator work?

The following steps help explain how MyOperator works :

  1. A customer calls on your virtual (toll-free or non-toll-free) number.
  2. An IVR will play wherein the customer will choose from a predefined set of options. Such as press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support.
  3. The call will then get routed to the concerned agent/department.
  4. While this process happens, all your calls are getting recorded and tracked simultaneously.
  5. If none of your agents answer the call, it will automatically get sent to a voicemail.

Additionally, MyOperator allows you to track and download detailed reports to analyze the performance of your agents over the calls. Further, you can track and monitor your team’s performance via the mobile app, transfer live calls and integrate CRMs through APIs, etc.

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