Free Forever Plan

How is MyOperator mobile app helpful for my business?

Implementing a Business Call Tracking system can get you 10 times more business than you usually earn. MyOperator Mobile App is a Free Forever Plan to track your business calls and track your team's performance.

With business call tracking, you can improve:
  1. Business call communication by tracking both attended and unattended calls. This further helps in following up with the calls you have missed.
  2. Team's performance by getting details of their call accountability. Thus, it enables you to measure team performance in terms of communicating with your customers.
  3. Repeat purchase by creating a callers’ database and start remarketing, therefore increasing the conversion rate.
MyOperator App is created to facilitate this one purpose of tracking business calls for free and here's how it helps:

The main objective of creating this application is to help businesses track business calls from anywhere, within or outside office premises. The idea is not to let you miss any business opportunity.
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