How is MyOperator Toll Free number different from the Toll free numbers provided by telecom operators?

How is MyOperator Toll Free number different from the Toll free numbers provided by telecom operators?

MyOperator toll free numbers come along with a cloud-based call management software, that help you track and record the calls that you receive on your toll-free number. It also gives you a complete report of all the calls connected and missed, creating subscription lists based on the call attributes. These lists can be used later to retarget over Facebook and SMS. All this ensures that you do not miss any business opportunity.

Telecom operators, on the other hand, don't have such management features to track business opportunities coming from business phone calls.

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      We do not provide toll free numbers for internal usage. Toll free numbers are a free medium for your clients to communicate meaning they won’t be charged a single penny if they call you on your toll free number.