How secure is my data on cloud?

How secure is my data on cloud?

One major concern that comes with trusting a 3rd party to handle your data is security. We understand the concern and that’s exactly why as your cloud telephony service provider, we ensure that every conversation you ever have, any data that you trust us with, remains secure.

Technology wise, MyOperator is built on a cloud-based infrastructure. This enables us to provide you with a seamless service experience in the minimum possible cost and most advanced quality.

Here is what ensures high availability and security to MyOperator customers:

Amazon services

Amazon cloud services (AWS) provide high availability and security to our infrastructure. There are tonnes of options in AWS to enhance security, like security groups, encrypted data storage, secure access etc. With local data centers, there is a major issue of data theft because they don’t have the infrastructure to support required security. With Amazon, that issue is resolved.
Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud): We have created a well-planned architecture in VPC where there is no access from outside world(internet). All the data is stored on servers within VPC. It is virtually impossible to get access to the data stored on servers. Even if someone does somehow he will not be able to decrypt the encrypted data.

SSL certificates

SSL certificates provide secure communication between the client(web browser) and server. It ensures that all the data served from the server to your web browser or mobile app is 128 bit encrypted, which means your data will not be compromised by man-in-the-middle attacks. You will soon see all your MyOperator App pages on the https protocol.

SiteLock malware scanner

We also use SiteLock malware scanner which scans the website for malicious scripts continuously, so our visitors will not be affected by any virus or malware. Hence prevents session hijacking and cookie stealing attacks.

Other tools and techniques

We considered data security as our top priority while developing the product. All the modules and functionality are double checked and properly tested for security flaws, information leakage, and unauthorized access control.
At the architecture level, we have used various tools for intrusion detection and intrusion prevention, which automatically generate alerts or even block the hackers by detecting malicious activities. We have also implemented IP white listing using firewalls, to restrict illegal or suspicious access to servers.

For any SaaS service provider like us, it is imperative to maintain that every bit of information entering our system remains secure. We recently crossed 10,000 customer accounts and are growing and to each of you who has trusted us, we would like to assure: your data is safe.
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