How to do outgoing call via MyOperator

How to make outgoing calls via MyOperator (Click to call and Dialer app)

MyOperator is giving facility to make outgoing calls via MyOperator. You and your team can initiate calls from the mobile app, web panel, and CRM

MyOperator provides a Caller-ID to make outgoing calls, Caller-ID is the number that displays on customer mobile while incoming calls land. 

For mobile: Use the Adnroid dialer app  or ios dialer app to do calls.    
For Web: Use MyOperator panel. 
For CRM: User MyOperator chrome extension or API to initiate the call. 

MyOperator all provides an OBD facility. OBD Outbound Dialer (OBD) is an automated phone call to customers. You can play a prerecorded voice message to customers or can connect to agents automatically. 
To know more about OBD read OBD Campaign and Job 

How to activate the outgoing feature?

There are simple steps you have to follow to activate outgoing for your account. 
  1. Activate outgoing click to call 

  2. Set the caller id

  3. Set the method

1. Walkthrough:  Activate outgoing click to call

Go to Manage-> Campaign-> Click to call

Click on the button Activate Now

2. Walkthrough: Set caller ID

Go to Manage-> Click to call -> Outbound caller ID settings (edit)

Caller ID- All calls initiated from MyOperator go from a landline number called caller ID. The technical term is DID.


There are two types of number we proved as caller ID

Shared number:  Call can initiate from any landline number that MyOperator reserved for outgoing. The shared number is useful when outgoing call volume is minimal.

Purchased number: Call will initiate from a dedicated caller-ID. Purchased numbers are useful when outgoing call volume is high. You need to purchase these numbers from the panel.   

3. Walkthrough: Set calling method

Go to Manage-> Click to call -> Way of dialing (edit)

There are two types of method to do click to call 

Two way: The system generates two calls for user and customer communication. First, the call initiates to the user and after picking call will connect to the customer. 

  One way: The system generates only one call to the customer. First call users need to initiate from their mobile. 

Check out the video to know more

What is the dialer app and how to make calls from the app? 

 The outgoing icon is not visible in your account? That means the feature is not enabled for your account.
- Submit a ticket to Support selecting category "Outgoing activation request" from the MyOperator panel.
In case you have any queries on this, please feel free to reach out to our support team at or call us on 92129-92129