Incoming SMS

Incoming SMS

Old configuration

Customers could contact your business only by calling on your Virtual number.

New update

Customers can now reach out to you by sending SMSes on your Virtual number.

  • The details of the SMS you receive can be viewed on the “Logs” page.

  • This feature is applicable only for GSM (Global System for mobiles) sims.

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    • What is “Incoming SMS”?

      Incoming SMS is a special feature of MyOperator that gives your customers the privilege to connect with you through SMSes. In addition to making calls, they can now get their queries resolved by sending SMSes on your Virtual number. Note: Incoming ...
    • Do I need to pay extra for the incoming SMS feature?

      Yes, you need to pay extra for the incoming SMS feature/ service. To know more on this, please contact your designated accounts manager or write a mail on MyOperator is an initiative towards making call management easy for small ...
    • After call SMS (Custom)- Rule Overlap

      Users can create multiple rules based on different criteria like a particular user or department to which the call was routed, incoming/outgoing, connected/missed, etc. Because of the customization, there are scenarios where two or more different ...
    • Can I view the details of the SMSes I receive?

      Yes, you can view the details of the SMSes you receive. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Click on “Logs” at the top of the page after logging MyOperator dashboard. 2. Click on "Advance" on the left. 3. Select "Incoming SMS" from the Keyword ...
    • How to block incoming messages?

      If you wish to prevent incoming messages from the user, click the ‘Block all messages’ button & press confirm on the next screen to prevent further incoming communication from the user.