How To Integrate MyOperator with LeadSquared | Installation Guide

Installation Guide | How To Integrate Leadsquared CRM with MyOperator


  1. User can initiate click to call from CRM
  2. Popup notification for every incoming/outgoing call will be initiated
  3. Lead/activity will be created for every call


  1. Enable Webhook inCall and Webhook AfterCall
  2. Enable click2call
  3. Mobile number of user should be updated in Leadsquared User(Agent Phone numbers)


User Sync

There is no need to sync the users. The user will sync automatically.

Incoming Calls

  1. Popup notification will appear to the agent’s screen
  2. Lead will be created if no lead exists
  3. Activity will be created under the lead

Outgoing Calls

  1. Popup notification will appear on agent’s screen
  2. Activity will be created under the lead

Enable Universal Telephony connector

  1. Login LeadSquared
  2. Go to APPS→ Apps Marketplace
  3. Search Universal telephony connector
  4. Install the connector if not installed
  5. Click on configure and complete the steps as per instructions

Steps for integration

  1. Go to integration page
  2. Click on Leadsquared Logo
  3. Fill all the fields as per instruction
  4. Enter Submit
  5. There are some instructions on the Success page. Follow those instructions too and integration is completed.

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