MyOperator’s New Dashboard

MyOperator’s New Dashboard

We have released MyOperator’s New Dashboard. As you know, MyOperator is your business call management system and helps track each call you get.

With the growing need to manage your office calls, we have created the newly styled dashboard for our users.

Here’s how it looks:

We have changed the UI, to give it a visually-subtle look and make it user-friendly at the same time. The interface of the new dashboard is more intuitive and allows you to know what is happening with all your business calls.

We have the following sections displayed on the dashboard:
  1. Departments: This section offers you an eye on the department-wise calls received / missed.
  2. Users: Call accountability of each MyOperator User is available in this section. Now you’ll have details of how individual team member is handling your business calls.
  3. Regions: Get details of region-wise calls.
  4. Traffic:The “Traffic” section provides details of the incoming and outgoing calls in the last 12 hours.

We are pretty excited about this new detailed interface. Hope you like it too!

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