New feature release Outbound Dialer, effective 25th Novemeber

New feature release "Outbound Dialer", effective 25th Novemeber

An Outbound Dialer automatically generates outbound calls to a list of phone numbers as per the availability of channel lines and agents responsible to receive calls.
  1. Two channel lines are consumed to make one outbound call.
  1. An outbound call consists of one scheduled call and two retries (optional).
  1. Two-third of the channel lines is used to make outbound calls and the remaining one-third is reserved to receive inbound calls. However, you can use all your channel lines to make outbound calls.
  1. Outbound calls cannot be made from channel lines that are reserved for receiving incoming calls.  
  1. A customer’s phone number cannot be requeued for the next 24 hours in the case of a promotional call.
  1. A customer’s phone number can be requeued in the case of a transactional call.
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