[Outgoing feature update]- Easy to use and cost effective

[Outgoing feature update]- Easy to use and cost effective

Most of the businesses demanded to make outgoing calls easy to use and cost-effective.  Hence MyOperator launched a very simple mobile app to make outgoing from anywhere.

Gone are the days when sales/support reps used to sit on their office desk and make calls sticking to their office chair all day long.  Now do call from anywhere, any mobile, and get all call analysis in the panel
  1. Measure agent performance with call tracking
  2. Improve training with insights from call recordings
  3. Build better brand identity with a single outgoing number
  4. Goodbye to the device-and-number management hurdle,  use any number to make calls 

What is new? 

Now you and your sales reps to make outgoing calls in one click using a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Compared to the traditional click-to-call outgoing service, the new MyOperator outgoing service uses a one-way outgoing function and saves a 50% tariff on all outgoing calls.

  1. Dialer app: A very simple app to make calls, no prolicence restriction. Track and record all outgoing calls in the panel.
  2. Lowest price click to call- MyOperator innovated a One-Way calling method. Now click to call charges has been reduced to 50%

How does it work? 

First, understand about MyOperaor dialer app.

Great! Now get an overview of how to configure outgoing in your account? 

Oops! The outgoing icon is not visible in your account? This means the feature is not enabled for your account.
- Submit a ticket to Support selecting  category "Outgoing activation request" from the MyOperator panel.

In case you have any queries on this, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@myoperator.com or call us on 92129-92129

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