Updates in MyOperator’s Version

Updates in MyOperator’s Version

MyOperator Version 1

A single page web panel that consists of call “Logs”

The features included in Engine Version 1 are: IVR for toll free and virtual numbers, Misdial for toll free and virtual numbers, Click O call, One way SMS notifications and White label for partners.


  • Building IVRs and adding agents will be done from the backend.

  • Agents will receive SMS notifications with the callers’ details after every call.

  • One Primary DID number will be mapped for every toll free number.

  • Channel partners can sell MyOperator services on behalf of our company.

  • Multi Level IVR can be created from the backend.

  • An agent cannot be added in multiple companies.

MyOperator Version 2

New Enhancements

The web panel consists of a newly designed "Dashboard". In addition to a “Logs” page it now has a “Reports”, “Manage” and “Remarketing” section. 

The new features include Multiple IVR, Call Routing logics, 2 Way SMS notifications, CRM integration, Live Call widget, Block lists, failover DID for toll free numbers, voice call, comma dialing and introduction of After call services. 


  • An agent can be mapped in multiple companies.

  • You can build a multi level IVR but not multiple IVRs for your business, directly from the web panel.

  • Both agents and customers can receive SMS Notifications after every call.

  • 2 DID numbers: Primary and Failover, will be mapped for every toll free number.

MyOperator Version 3

New enhancements

There is no change in the web panel, only the engine for IVR has been changed. In the Engine Version 3, the issue of call interruptions due to network problems have been resolved and the call connectivity speed has improved.

The new features and updates include: Offline mode, FB Remarketing, Live call notifications, Outbound Dialer, Call hang up and transfer directly from the web panel, Assign Contact, Blind Transfer, Extension of after call services, IN SMS, Auto-forwarding in case of telecom failure, Festive IVR and Web notifications.


  • The calls will now land on the IVR after the first ring.

  • Details for lost calls will also be available.

  • You can enable/ disable call recordings as per your business’s requirements.  

  • You can now add PRI numbers as a user in the user section.

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