What are Personal Preferences?

What are Personal Preferences?

"Personal Preferences" on the MyOperator Web app gives you information about your own MyOperator account in which you are added as a User. 

We can visit the personal preferences option in 2 ways in the panel:

1st Option:

Click on Personal Preferences from Account Options from the top-right of the panel.

2nd Option:

Go to Manage>Preferences in 'Your Information' category at the bottom of the manage page 

The section is divided into two parts: 

  1. Personal Preferences: This section has details of User ID, Name, and Email address and can be edited by the Users when required.
  1. Account Preferences: This section contains details like Name, Business Name, Business Email, Extension, Role, Takes Call, and Department. The added user cannot edit these fields as the rights are limited to the Super Admin of the account.

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