What are the different types of IVR available?

What are the different types of IVR available?

According to the requirements of the customers and businesses, MyOperator lets you create your own IVRs depending on your usability.

You can create the following types of IVRs with MyOperator:

Default IVR:

This is an IVR which is usually played when a caller calls on a toll-free number.For example, The welcome message you get to hear when you call Airtel customer care service, like “Welcome to Airtel Customer Care”? That’s a “Default IVR”!

Location-based IVR:

This option allows you to set different IVRs to be played for people calling from different regions.

For instance, a company has multiple branches in various regions, say in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Now, if a caller calls from Mumbai, Location-based IVR would play and it will automatically connect the caller to the Mumbai Branch.

Contact-based IVR:

You can set a separate IVR for the people you have added as contacts on your MyOperator panel.

Note:The above-mentioned IVRs can be created according to specific time and days.