What are the new features in the live call widget?

What are the new features in the live call widget?

The 3 new features added in the live call widget are transfer, call duration and hangup. 

They are beneficial in the following ways:


The new transfer feature has resolved the DTMF issue that occurs while transferring calls using extensions via a mobile phone or a landline. You can now transfer calls from one agent/user to another directly from the web panel itself. Moreover, you do not need to remember any user's extension number in order to transfer a call. The transfer feature thus, helps improve your customer’s experience as their calls are immediately transferred to the concerned agent by just a click.

Call duration:

With the call duration feature you get to know the duration of every call (from the time the call was connected till the time it got disconnected). As a result, you get to know how long agents were on the call and how long they took resolve the problems of your callers.

Hang up:

With the new hang up feature, you can now decline calls directly from the web panel.

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