What are the parameters such as Status, Last Active, Source etc. signifies?

What are the parameters such as Status, Last Active, Source etc. signifies?

There are various parameters in the user profile for individual user details:

1. Status: Active, Requesting, Intervened and Closed are the 4 different user status.

Active: If the user is in the Active section, the status is “Active”. This means the chat is handled by the WhatsApp chatbot.

Requesting: If the user needs an agent intervention, the status changes to “Requesting”. All the chats in the requesting section would have Requesting as their status.

Intervened: The status changes to “Intervened” once the chat is intervened by the agent.

Closed: Once the query is resolved after intervening in the chat and the agent clicks on the “Resolve” button, the status changes to “Closed” and the chat is again transferred back to the chatbot.

Last Active: This shows the date and time of the last message sent by the user to the business. For example: 03-28-2021, 07:37 PM.

Template Messages: This shows the number of template messages sent to the user by the business.

Session Messages: This shows the number of session messages exchanged between the user and the business.

Unresolved Queries: This shows the number of queries for which requesting intervention got triggered. Basically, it shows the count of all those queries that the chatbot wasn’t able to solve and requested the agent intervention.

Source: It shows where the user came from in theMyOperator platform.

Organic: If the user initiates the message with the business on WhatsApp, the source is assigned as Organic.

API: If the chat is initiated via an API campaign with the user, the source assigned is API.

Customized: You can import the data to theMyOperator platform in CSV format. While uploading it, the source can be customized to anything.

First Message: In this parameter, the first message tag will be assigned to the user according to the predefined message sent by the user. For example, there will be a different predefined message for different product/service pages, and different ads within different ad sets.

Now, if a user is coming from the “Product A” page, the “Product A” tag will be assigned to the user as a first message tag.

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