What are the types of chats?

What are the types of chats?

Different kind of chats are:

  1. Active 
  2. Intervene
  3. Responded

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    • What are Active Chats?

      All the chats that are been done by the WhatsApp chatbot come under Active Chats in the MyOperator platform. The chats here means they don’t require any human agent intervention as they are perfectly handled by the chatbot itself. Also, if any new ...
    • What are Requesting Chats?

      Whenever there is a query that the chatbot isn’t able to solve or if they want to speak to a human agent, the chat goes from Active Chats to Requesting Chats. All the chats in this section basically mean they are waiting and need human agent ...
    • What are Intervened Chats?

      Once the Requesting Chats are intervened, they go from the Requesting Column to the Intervened Column. Here, the chatbot is no longer active and it has become a pure Live Chat system. The Agents can reply to the user’s query and once they are done, ...
    • What are the types of filters that can be created?

      Filters are created so that you can view only the log data you are specifically searching for. The types of filters that you can create are called advanced filters. You can create a filter based on a particular keyword/ keywords, date, time and ...
    • Can the Agents intervene in the chats in the History Page?

      The Agents can only intervene in the chats of the Active Users. Since all the users/chats in the History Page are Inactive, the Agents can not intervene the chats. WhatsApp has provided a 24 hours window for businesses to interact with the users. ...