What is a Demo account?

What is a Demo account?

A "Demo account" is a 3 day trial that allows you to test and use the features of MyOperator for free. It ensures that you are well versed with all features of our product. Once your free trial is completed, you are in a better position to decide whether or not you want to purchase MyOperator.
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    • How can I create a Demo account?

      To create a Demo Account, follow the following steps: 1. Visit www.myoperator.com 2. Click on Signup. 3. Enter your email id and mobile number appearing in a popup and click on “Sign Up”. 4. Click on “Start 3-day trial now” at the bottom of your ...
    • How can I upgrade my Demo account?

      To upgrade your Demo account, follow the steps mentioned below: 1. Login to your MyOperator account and click on “Complete the setup” button at the bottom of the Dashboard page to upgrade your Demo account. 2. Select your account from the drop down. ...
    • How many minutes will be assigned to a Demo Account by default?

      It is depend on the country. For india incoming minutes are 200 and for internationl incoming minutes are 50    
    • How long does it take to activate my account?

      It is always advisable to create a trial (demo) account before you start using the actual MyOperator account. It takes only 30 seconds to create your demo account and is valid for 3 days.  When you have finally decided to get a MyOperator Call ...
    • What will happen after my 3 day trial expires?

      After your 3 day trial expires, the business number provided for your demo account will deactivate for call but you can check all logs and reactivate by completing setup process.