MyOperator Outbound Dialer (OBD) is an automated dialing system that enables businesses to perform and manage their outbound calls, on any scale.

What is Outbound Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is an outbound call center solution that automatically dials customer numbers and can deliver important information through an IVR, or can connect a customer to a user once the call has been answered.
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    • How to make outgoing calls via MyOperator (Click to call and Dialer app)

      MyOperator is giving facility to make outgoing calls via MyOperator. You and your team can initiate calls from the mobile app, web panel, and CRM MyOperator provides a Caller-ID to make outgoing calls, Caller-ID is the number that displays on ...
    • How does an Outbound dialer work?

      After installing the dialer app login with your number registered in MyOperator.  Registered number is the number of user that is added to your MyOperator account. The number you are doing login should be in the same mobile.    After entering the ...
    • Do I need to pay extra for the Outbound Dialer feature?

      Yes, you need to pay extra for the Outbound dialer feature/service.
    • What is an Outbound call?

      An outbound call is a call that is initiated by an agent in your organization to either your existing or potential customer. An outbound consists of one scheduled call and two retries (optional). Two channel lines are consumed to make one outbound ...
    • What is an outbound campaign?

      Outbound campaign means the way to initiate the call to the caller to the callee. There are two types of campaign IVR based campaign:  Customers communicate to the user based on IVR call flow.  Example: Clients want to run a campaign to connect ...