What is the MyOperator Free Forever Plan?

What is the MyOperator Free Forever Plan?

The “MyOperator Free Forever Plan” is a mobile call tracking solution that allows you to monitor and track all your business’s calls 24*7, even when you’re not in office. All you need to do is visit the link and download the app on your mobile phone and on the devices of your employees.

Benefits of the MyOperator Free Forever plan:
  1. Track calls: Track all your business calls (department and user wise) to monitor your team’s performance from anywhere.
  2. Follow up: Set reminders for the calls you or your team members have missed to reach back to your callers.
  3. Team accountability: Monitor your agents performance over the calls by viewing the number of calls they receive, miss and follow up.

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    • How can I use MyOperator Mobile App?

      Welcome to MyOperator Mobile App. This application comes under the MyOperator Free Forever Plan, wherein you can use Business Call Tracking System for free.  MyOperator Mobile App is your on-the-go system of tracking business calls and thus creates a ...
    • What is the 6 Months Free Plan?

      In the 6 Months Free Plan, startup members are entitled to free access to all of MyOperator’s startup offerings for a period of 6 months.
    • How is MyOperator Toll Free number different from the Toll free numbers provided by telecom operators?

      MyOperator toll free numbers come along with a cloud-based call management software, that help you track and record the calls that you receive on your toll-free number. It also gives you a complete report of all the calls connected and missed, ...
    • Are these numbers free forever?

      Since these services involve costs, therefore the numbers provided aren’t free forever. But, the numbers shall be provided for free in case there is any calamity experienced in your location or near your geographical region.
    • What is MyOperator Gold Plan?

      The MyOperator Gold plan allows you to take MyOperator services for lifetime at zero rental by making one time plan amount payment as refundable security deposit. This plan is for businesses which have used MyOperator services for a while and would ...