What is the uptime of MyOperator service?

What is the uptime of MyOperator service?

We have greater than 99% of up-time for MyOperator services and will never let your business go down. 

Kindly refer MyOperator- Service Level Agreement for detailed view

The uptime can be measured through following mechanism:
    1. Services will run self-test every 20 minutes in an hour making it 72 times in day. Every self-test failing will be regarding as 1 incident.
    2. MyOperator guarantees less than 20 failures in a month for 99% uptime
    3. This will exclude scheduled downtime for maintenance and upgrades.
    4. The scheduled downtime will not be more than 2 times in 2 weeks with duration of 2 hours per downtime.
    5. Scheduled downtime will be planned during the non-working hours. The Client will be informed of the downtime in advance.

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