What should I do if there is disturbance on calls?

What should I do if there is disturbance on calls?

Check the disturbance is a constant for all calls or some particular call. Identify that the user is using mobile or landline. If mobile then tries to resolve the issue by restarting. You can try to resolve by changing the call route. Contact your account manager if the issue cannot be resolved. Or write to us at support@myoperator.co.

MyOperator is an initiative towards making call management easy for small and medium sized organizations. It understands how management of phone calls can directly impact customer service. Therefore, it is built to better serve the needs of the customers. The idea is to envision a world where businesses are able to manage, track and record their business calls.

Along with an enthusiastic approach of making call management effective and manageable, our team of over 100 members, strives to find ways to bring in more features of a call management system across industries.

We believe that business relationships can be made sustainable with quality telephony experience leveraging cloud based technologies. We aim to deliver innovation through smarter simpler telephony solutions to the market. Our customers save their time, money and precious resources with better call management and increased operational efficiency. Our uniqueness lies in the simplicity and affordability of the services we offer and we are proud of doing so.

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    • Can I view my lost calls?

      Yes, Cloud call customers can access lost calls data. They can get this information from the MyOperator App panel> Manage>System logs>Lost call. Lite customers get a weekly mailer on the lost call count, they do not have access to lost call data
    • How can I transfer Live calls/IVR calls through mobile keypad?

      Live Call Transfer Auto-dialing feature is an advanced feature added which ensures auto - connectivity of calls in case a user is busy or is unavailable to take calls. This is how it works: Suppose, you have caller A and 2 MyOperator Users, B and C. ...
    • How can I transfer Live calls/IVR calls through MyOperator Web Panel?

      Live calls can be transferred through the Live call widget which appears on the left bottom of the MyOperator panel for every live call. The 'transfer" enables us to transfer calls to any user added to the panel.
    • How many outbound calls can be generated at once?

      The number of outbound calls that can be generated at once depends on the number of channel lines your business has. Only two third of the channel lines are used for making outbound calls and the remaining one third is reserved for receiving incoming ...
    • Can I receive calls on my desktop using the MyOperator number?

      Due to legal limitations, Indian customers cannot receive calls on their desktops.