Who bears the ownership of the numbers you provide?

Who bears the ownership of the numbers you provide?

All the MyOperator numbers have the ownership of VoiceTree Technologies, India.

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    • Do you provide internal toll free numbers?

      We do not provide toll free numbers for internal usage. Toll free numbers are a free medium for your clients to communicate meaning they won’t be charged a single penny if they call you on your toll free number.   
    • How is MyOperator Toll Free number different from the Toll free numbers provided by telecom operators?

      MyOperator toll free numbers come along with a cloud-based call management software, that help you track and record the calls that you receive on your toll-free number. It also gives you a complete report of all the calls connected and missed, ...
    • What is the pricing for international toll free numbers?

      We provide international toll free numbers to 60+ countries. The price for international toll free numbers however, varies from country to country. To know more about its pricing, write to us at hello@myoperator.co
    • Are these numbers free forever?

      Since these services involve costs, therefore the numbers provided aren’t free forever. But, the numbers shall be provided for free in case there is any calamity experienced in your location or near your geographical region.
    • What are MyOperator Helpline Numbers?

      MyOperator helpline numbers are to help NGOs attend and manage multiple emergency calls at one time. Some of the benefits of these helpline numbers are: Instant activation: It runs on cloud-based infrastructure and hence, does not require any ...