Why should I invest in a toll free number for my business?

Why should I invest in a toll free number for my business?

Toll free numbers have been in use since long and some very successful business empires have prospered by incorporating their usage in their daily requirements. And it’s not just about the number being toll free.

1. Increased Sale

Studies and survey conducted on the topic repeatedly find that customers prefer using a tollfree number as compared to a regular telephone number. This translates into increased sales for the product or service, you are trying to promote. The example of 1-800 Flowers, a global leader in flower business can be cited in this context.
1-800 Flowers was an entrepreneurial idea which translated into a global venture owing to rapid use of the toll free number. The business empire is worth $667 million today.

2. Increase in Credibility

Toll free number inspires confidence among customers. Users often assume that the company or business establishment having a toll free number is a reputed company in its niche. Even if you are a small enterprise, the use of toll free number will attract customers as they can call you multiple times for finding answers to any of their potential queries.

i) Credibility

It depends on you as a business owner to translate this interaction with the customers into a business relationship. Toll free numbers have proved their worth time and again and you can use the same to inspire confidence among your clients.

ii) Beneficial for the Business Owner

Even when the customer calls from the 1800 toll free number, he or she will never know if the call has been routed to a landline or a mobile number. This way, any small business owner can receive the call on a mobile phone, even if they are operating the business from a remote location. Toll free numbers comes with the added advantage of call forwarding services.

iii) Real Worth for Money

It all depends on your outlook and the ways you wish to promote your business establishment. Toll free numbers are relatively inexpensive and as a business owner you can connect with customers with ease, even if you are an entrepreneur who has just ventured into a niche category of business.

iv) A New Business Idea

For a small business owner, a phone number is their first connection with any potential client. The customer can get to know about the business through phone call as much they get to know from the website. The idea of having a toll free number is really it's worth as the potential customer will not have to pay for the call they make for any purchase or business enquiry.

The success of toll free numbers in business has proved its worth and almost all online business operations have been using toll free numbers to connect with users. With the advent of cloud-based IVR systems to route toll-free calls, complete call tracking and recording, it is high time small and entrepreneurial ventures make a shift in their strategy and start using the same for promoting their business ideas.