MyOperator Helpline Number

Why should I use MyOperator Helpline Numbers?

During calamity a lot of people seek help. Due to high call traffic during hazardous times, most of the times people in need aren’t able to get in touch with a helping hand like you. To avoid such situations, MyOperator offers free helpline numbers to NGOs to distribute and track all the calls it receives at a time, without missing lot of calls. Volunteers or workers can handle calls from any location directly on their mobile phone and defined or flexible times. MyOperator makes its easier for organizations to help people further by utilizing advanced grade maintenance free call management system.

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    • What are MyOperator Helpline Numbers?

      MyOperator helpline numbers are to help NGOs attend and manage multiple emergency calls at one time. Some of the benefits of these helpline numbers are: Instant activation: It runs on cloud-based infrastructure and hence, does not require any ...
    • How is MyOperator Toll Free number different from the Toll free numbers provided by telecom operators?

      MyOperator toll free numbers come along with a cloud-based call management software, that help you track and record the calls that you receive on your toll-free number. It also gives you a complete report of all the calls connected and missed, ...
    • How can an NGO get access to MyOperator free Helpline?

      To get access to MyOperator Free Helpline number, all you need to do is register by entering your details in the sign up box here.
    • How can I use MyOperator chrome extension?

      In order to use the chrome extension, you need to login first. You can also go through the setting section for further settings of the chrome extension. Follow the steps here: 1. Click on the shortcut of the MyOperator extension and click on the ...
    • Which all industries can use MyOperator?

      Below are some of the industries that ideally should have a call management system. Real estate - A person who really wants to purchase a house will call your real estate agent. Given this, you cannot afford to miss any call. Therefore, a call ...