Will paying bills make me eligible to renew my account? What is the difference between the both?

Will paying bills make me eligible to renew my account? What is the difference between the both?

Yes, paying will definitely allow you to renew your account. There’s a slight difference between paying bills and renewing account.
  1. Paying bills: Paying bills is the regular payment of monthly bills according to your usage of your MyOperator account.
  2. Renewal of Account: This allows you to extend one of the MyOperator plans you have chosen earlier. For example, you choose a plan of 6 months and after the completion of those 6 months, you decide to renew the account of yearly basis. Thus, this process is known as the renewal of account.
Note : Renewal of account shall only be possible when you clear all your earlier bills. 

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    • Would I need to continue paying my regular postpaid bills after transferring the ownership to MyOperator?

      No, you need not to pay your regular bills after transferring the ownership. After transferring the ownership MyOperator is the legal owner of that number & MyOperator will pay the all the bills in future.
    • How can I make payment through MyOperator panel?

      1. Login to your MyOperator panel and click on “Manage” at the top. 2. Click on Billing in Accounts Section 3. In payment section find your Due Payment 4. Click on pay now button, in front of the desired amount. 5. Clicking on "Set up auto pay" will ...
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