What is the benefit of using an OBD?

What is the benefit of using an OBD?

The benefit of using an OBD is that it helps in:

Saving Time: 

It automatically generates outbound calls to customers from the contact list queued by you. In other words, if you want to call 100 customers, you do not need to call each customer individually, the OBD will generate a call to each customer as per the availability of agents and channel lines.

Increasing revenue:

If you have more than one product/service, then you can use OBD to cross sell your new products among your existing customers to increase your business’s revenue. For example, customers that have a savings account can be offered a credit card or home loan or life insurance etc.

Scheduling calls:

If you want to follow up or update your customers about a new product/ feature then, you can use the OBD to schedule calls. Doing this will save your time as you no longer need to call each customer manually. The OBD will automate outbound calls to each customer as per the scheduled date and time.
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