How can I create the follow-up feature in MyOperator?

How can I create the follow-up feature in MyOperator?

To use the follow-up feature you have to enable the rules or create a new one first.

1. Login to your MyOperator dashboard as admin& click on "Followup" from the top menu.

2. Click on the “Enable the rules” link.

3. Click on "Add new".

4. Enter the rule name.

5. Select the criteria.

6. You can add more than one criteria, for this particular rule the follow-up will be for incoming missed calls.

7. You have a choice where you want to transfer the follow-up calls. You can transfer the call
     a. To the Related department.
     b. To the Related user
     c. Choose User or Department

8. Save the rule.

9. Find the rules here.

10. Now click on “Followup”. You cannot see any pending follow-up here currently. But the list of follow-ups will appear as you missed any calls.

10. Find the list of followup as you missed the call.

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