How can I use these new features?

How can I use these new features?

The three new features in the Live call widget have been introduced to improve your customers’ experience and optimize on your call minutes. Previously you could only view ongoing call details however, with the new features you can now transfer, view call duration and hangup calls directly from the web panel itself.

You can make use of these features in the following way:


At times when you dial an agent’s extension number to transfer a call via your mobile or landline, the call gets transferred but does not land on the agent’s phone. With the new transfer feature this DTMF has been resolved. You can now transfer calls from one agent to another directly from the web panel, Also, you do not need to remember any agent’s extension number to transfer a call.

Call duration: 

Some agents attending calls tend to speak out of context and deviate from the topic. This not only wastes your customers time but also your call minutes. It hampers an effective communication. With the call duration feature you get know the duration of every call and hence, you can analyze the performance of your agents.


It is observed that when a call is received on a landline phone, it can get disconnected only when the caller hangs up. With the new hangup feature, you can hang up such calls directly from the web panel. Also, if you have set a call duration limit for a particular conversation or agent, you can hang up the call via web panel if the call duration exceeds the limit set by you. The hangup feature thus, helps you utilize your call minutes effectively.
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