What is an Outbound call?

What is an Outbound call?

An outbound call is a call that is initiated by an agent in your organization to either your existing or potential customer. An outbound consists of one scheduled call and two retries (optional). Two channel lines are consumed to make one outbound call.

MyOperator is an initiative towards making call management easy for small and medium sized organizations. It understands how management of phone calls can directly impact customer service. Therefore, it is built to better serve the needs of the customers. The idea is to envision a world where businesses are able to manage, track and record their business calls.

Along with an enthusiastic approach of making call management effective and manageable, our team of over 100 members, strives to find ways to bring in more features of a call management system across industries.

We believe that business relationships can be made sustainable with quality telephony experience leveraging cloud based technologies. We aim to deliver innovation through smarter simpler telephony solutions to the market. Our customers save their time, money and precious resources with better call management and increased operational efficiency. Our uniqueness lies in the simplicity and affordability of the services we offer and we are proud of doing so.
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